Sioux Chief Electronic Trap Primer

The 695-ES01 from Sioux Chief is an Electronic Trap Primer. It's used where replenishment of floor drain traps is required, equipped with solenoid actuating device, water hammer arrester (to protect the solenoid device), vacuum breaker and proper electrical hardware. Allow for various water distribution by adjusting the frequency and duration of the priming operation.

Materials of Construction:

  • Arrester: Copper, EPDM oring, plastic piston, DOW 111 lubricant;
  • Distribution Vacuum Breaker: Brass;
  • Solenoid: Plastic housing, brass insides.
Product Type
Trap Primer Valves
Sioux Chief

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Sioux Chief Electronic Trap Primer

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  • Brand: Sioux Chief
  • Model: 695-ES01
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