Flood Prevention

Flood Prevention

Flood Prevention Valves are more than just your regular ball valve. In its entirety, it's comprised of a valve and an electronic system with sensors that can detect water on the ground. As soon as water is detected, a signal to shut off the valve is sent. This prevents mass flooding and costly damages to your home. The valve must be installed on the cold water supply line of a tank or tankless, gas or electric water heater. Nations WareHouse offers the best Flood Prevention Valves on the market, manufactured by Taco. 

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Taco 3/4” NPT LeakBreaker Water Heater Shut-Off (Flood Stop) Valve

The LB-075-H-1LF from Taco is a 3/4” NPT LeakBreaker Water Heater Shut-off (Flood Stop) Valve w/ Con..

$ 155.95

Taco LeakBreaker Sensor

The 7240-LB1 from Taco is a LeakBreaker Sensor. It's a replacement or additional sensor for Taco Lea..

$ 20.95