Oetiker 3/4 in Pex Stepless Cinch Clamps (50/Bag), Stainless Steel

This Oetiker 16703336 3/4" stainless steel stepless ear clamp has a special design that eliminates steps and/or overlaps on the inner circumference of the clamp for a 360° leak-free seal. Because the tongue resides in a groove, the “tongue-in-groove” feature exerts pressure on the assembled parts over 360°, enabling the clamp to apply a continuous radial force completely around the connection’s diameter. 

The Oetiker is intended for use with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing and ASTM International F1807 or F2159 insert fittings (not included). The clamp has a 9.0 mm band width and a 0.8 mm band thickness and is corrosion-resistant and lightweight. The 360-degree narrow stepless clamp concentrates seal compression. This stepless ear clamp conforms to the ASTM International F2098 standard for securing PEX tubing to insert fittings and is suitable for use in plumbing applications such as installing home water lines.


  • Genuine Oetiker Clamps
  • Stepless ear clamps for use with PEX tubing and ASTM F1807 or F2159 insert fittings (not included)
  • 360-degree profile clamp for concentrated seal compression
  • Conforms to ASTM F2098 standard for securing PEX tubing to insert fittings
  • OCSParts Smart Pack Series - An economical and convenient way to purchase quantities needed


The international group of Oetiker production facilities manufacture at fourteen locations on three continents. Always in close proximity to our customers. Always in accordance with unified quality standards far above norm. 

With over 75 years of global experience, we design, test and deliver reliable connections daily that are simpler, smarter and stronger than ever before. We help our customers to drive innovation in motion.

It offers:

Connecting Solutions:

• Clamps & Rings - As the original inventor of the ear clamp and the global leader in connecting technologies. Oetiker’s clamps and rings are made with quality that you can rely on.

• Heavy Duty Strap - Our Heavy Duty Straps are available in a large variety of standardized and custom band materials and components.

• Quick Connectors - Our quick connectors are reliable, compact, high performing sealing solutions with tool-free assembly.

Assembly Solutions:

We offer a wide range of assembly solutions from Hand Tools to Pneumatic and Electromechanical Assembly Systems.

• Ear Clamp Assembly

• Low Profile Assembly

• Multi Crimp Ring Assembly

Oetiker also offers high quality technology such as CrossTech, ForceTree, PexGrip, StepLess, ToothLock and WingGaurd. 

With almost 2 billion clamps and rings produced, our connecting solutions contribute to the safe driving and operation of 90 million vehicles annually.


For complete product instructions specifications and how-to installation please visit: https://www.oetiker.com/-/media/Files/Oetiker/Downloads/Public/Technical-Data-Sheets/Ear-Clamps/117_167/oet_tds_117_167_Stepless_Ear_Clamps_EN_07_Nov_13_08902326.ashx

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    St. Steel Cinch Clamps
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    PEX Fittings

    Oetiker 3/4 in Pex Stepless Cinch Clamps (50/Bag), Stainless Steel

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