Sioux Chief 1 in PEX x 1 inch Female Sweat Pipe Adapter, Lead-Free, Copper
The 644X4 from Sioux Chief is a 1 inch PEX x 1 inch Copper Pipe Adapter, Lead Free. This fitting connects PEX tubing to copper pipe in a straight line. To install solder the sweat part of the fitting first, allow it to cool off, then connect the PEX side using crimp or clamp (cinch) method. Approved for potable water use.
The POWERPEX collection by Sioux Chief offers all PEX systems and connections: ASTM F1807 Crimp™, ASTM F2080 Lock™ & ASTM F1960 Grip™. The industry’s most robust offering from valved terminations in Access Boxes, to water heater connectors, to copper assemblies, kits or manifolds. Grip fittings can be used with PEX-A tubing only.
  • 1 inch PEX connection x 1 inch Female Sweat outlet
  • PEX crimp style connection
  • Corrosion-resistant, pure copper body
  • Meets ASTM F1807
  • Lead-free, approved for potable water use
Sioux Chief offers all major PEX systems. Sioux Chief’s PEX offering is the most complete in the plumbing industry. All fitting and tubing solutions carry a 25-year warranty, mixed or matched. Sioux Chief does not limit its warranty on tube or fittings based on matching system connections. This is unique. 
PowerPEX is warranted across all three of Sioux Chief’s PEX system connection offerings, giving contractors the ability to choose the right tube or fitting connection for each application, layout or contractor comfort level. We call this Fitting Freedom™. 
Sioux Chief believes intelligent systems may incorporate hybrid PEX offerings to maximize each connection system’s benefit. This Power to Choose™ puts the plumber back at the heart of smart plumbing. 
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PEX Copper Pipe Adapters
Sioux Chief

Sioux Chief 1 in PEX x 1 inch Female Sweat Pipe Adapter, Lead-Free, Copper

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