Out Of Stock Sioux Chief 672X1299 12-Branch Type L Manifold, 3/4 in PEX x 1/2 in PEX x Open, Copper

The 672X1299 from Sioux Chief is a 12-branch PEX open manifold. It has a 3/4” PEX inlet and 1/2” PEX branches.  This is a standard manifold with three branches and open trunk.


This item is great for plumbing applications. It can be used as a primary or secondary manifold. Compatible with all PEX types.



  • 12 branches
  • 1/2” PEX branches, 3/4” PEX inlet;
  • PEX crimp style inlet/outlet;
  • Lead-Free;
  • Branches are 2 in on center 
  • Made from pure, L-type copper;
  • Compatible with crimp ring or cinch clamp connection systems;
  • cUPC listed;
  • Branches are 2" on-center
  • Great as a primary manifold
  • Made in the USA. 


Sioux Chief 672X1299 is a PowerPEX® BranchMaster™ No Lead 3/4 in F1807 PEX × 3/4 in  F1807 PEX Trunk Standard. 


Sioux Chief ASTM F1807 BranchMaster™ manifolds shall be used in plumbing or heating systems for safe distribution of hot or cold water to supply fixtures and shall be utilized in various design configurations. Manifolds shall be designed in accordance to the ASTM F1807 standard and shall be offered with or without valves with various outlet multiples. Each manifold shall be manufactured with no lead solder or braze and tested by Sioux Chief prior to shipment.


Hot water manifolds should be located within the first six feet after a water heater to aid in hot water delivery times. Recirculation lines should be run into an independent fitting and not directly into the manifold.



For Additional information on this product please visit:




For complete product instructions specifications and how-to installation please visit: https://www.siouxchief.com/products/supply/powerpex-systems/astm-f1807/manifolds/1-2-pex-branches/3-4-pex-x-3-4-pex/standard?template=P3Technical



Sioux Chief offers all major PEX systems. Sioux Chief’s PEX offering is the most complete in the plumbing industry. All fitting and tubing solutions carry a 25-year warranty, mixed or matched. Sioux Chief does not limit its warranty on tube or fittings based on matching system connections. This is unique.


Sioux Chief believes intelligent systems may incorporate hybrid PEX offerings to maximize each connection system’s benefit. This Power to Choose™ puts the plumber back at the heart of smart plumbing. 

Product Specs
Outlets1/2" PEX Crimp

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Sioux Chief 672X1299 12-Branch Type L Manifold, 3/4 in PEX x 1/2 in PEX x Open, Copper

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