4" TeePee, Cleanout Tee Test Tool/Plug

The 881-54 from Sioux Chief is a 4” TeePee, Cleanout Tee Test Tool/Plug. It's a completely mechanical test plug device which is easy to install and remove and does not require pressurizing the system. Suitable for 4" PVC (Sch. 40), ABS and Cast Iron no-hub pipes (installs inside the test tee, but mechanism itself seals off the pipe).


  • Reusable - easy installation and removal;
  • Completely mechanical test tool to work with cleanout tee;
  • Design to work with both cast iron and plastic pipe DWV systems;
  • Holds 14 floors of pressure. Perfect for high rise construction;
  • No coupling to install and remove;
  • Not recommended for installations where temperatures are below 32°F.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: for 4" PVC (Sch. 40), ABS or Cast Iron (CI).
Test Tee Plug
Product Type
Test Plugs
Sioux Chief

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4" TeePee, Cleanout Tee Test Tool/Plug

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  • Brand: Sioux Chief
  • Model: 881-54
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