Taco 007-ZF5-3IFC Priority Zoning Circulator Pump, 1/25 HP, 115V

The 007-ZF5-3IFC from Taco is a Priority Zoning Circulator Pump, 1/25HP, 115V. It comes with a built-in transformer, relay and priority switch, so all the wiring is done directly to the circulator’s PC board instead of an external control (such as a switching relay), making it ideal for adding a zone or an indirect hot water heater. The priority switch allows the installer to choose the zone that requires the most attention and, when activated, run only that circulator. Taco 007-ZF5-3IFC priority zoning circulator can be used in conjunction with other circulators or zone valves. This models also comes equipped with a built-in IFC (Integral Flow Check), which performs better than the standalone alternative and reduces installation time and costs. Gaskets (O-rings) included;


  • Zoning with circulator pumps;
  • Indirect hot water heaters;
  • Adding a zone;
  • Prioritizing under-sized zones;

Contact Ratings:

  • Terminals R+W: 24VAC, Phase 1
  • Terminals X+X: 24VAC 
  • Terminals R+C: 24VAC (Output) 0.5VA (max)
  • Terminal P- Priority: 115VAC, Phase 1, 5.0 Amps Inrush Current (max)
  • Terminals H+N: 115VAC, Phase 1, 8.0 Amps Inrush Current (max)

Thermostat Ratings:

  • 24VAC SPDT 2-Wire Heating;
  • 24VAC Digital Electronic;
  • 2-Wire Max Draw 30 Milliamps;


  • Patented Design;
  • Snap-in PC Board;
  • Removable, Quick-Connect Low Voltage terminal strip;
  • Optional Integral Flow Check (IFC®);
  • UL Listed;
  • Simplified Wiring;
  • LED Power Light;
  • 100% Factory Tested;
  • Works With Other Circulators or Zone Valves;
  • Universal Thermostat Compatibility;
  • Made in USA;

Technical Specifications:

  • Flow Range: 0 – 23 GPM;
  • Head Range: 0 – 10 Feet;
  • Minimum Fluid Temperature: 40˚F (4˚C);
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 230°F (115˚C);
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 125 psi;
  • Connection Sizes: 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" Flanged.


  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty; 
Cast Iron
Check Valve
1-Speed Pumps
Max. Head
10-20 ft
Max. Flow
10-20 GPM
Horse Power
1/25 HP
Product Type
Circulator Pumps

Taco 007-ZF5-3IFC Priority Zoning Circulator Pump, 1/25 HP, 115V

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