24V Low Water Cut-Off, 3/4" NPT

Taco LTR0243T Residential Low Water Cutoff is a microprocessor based low water cutoff for detecting the level of water in a boiler. It functions longer without the need for probe cleaning, and can operate normally under non-ideal installation conditions. The LTR0243T is designed for use with hot water boilers and hot water heating boilers. (See each boiler manufacturers' specifi cations for recommended minimum safe water levels.)

Features an automatic reset that engages when water level returns to safe level and an integrated test switch for testing safety shutdown.



Max probe rating: 160 psi at 250F

Ambient temperature: 32F - 120F

Probe sensitivity: 20 KOhms, extended operation to 40 KOhms

Input Power: 1.5VA at 24VAC (supplied by a Class 2 power source)

Reset: Auto

Probe connection: 3/4" NPT threaded

Low Water Cutoff
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Low Water Cutoff

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24V Low Water Cut-Off, 3/4" NPT

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